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3/20/03 - Here's a little background on me, HWF Games, and Axe Productions.  I was born, I grew up, woo hoo!  Anyhow, as a kid I was introduced to computers and video games, I was hooked.  As a family we also played a lot of card games and board games, and we still do.

Out of High School, I decided I wanted to design games for a living.  I started working on graphics and game designs.  Shortly I decided I should learn to program too, then I could implement all of my ideas and art.  So began my design, art, programming hobby/career/life.  In 1994 I decided to start working on projects under the company name of Axe Productions.  This was a quick merging of a nickname I gave to my friend Jared, "Dr. Axe", for his love of the arcade game Golden Axe, and Productions which would cover all my art, game, writing, and whatever other releases.

Well move ahead 5 years, and after several games (RPGs, Puzzlers, Original ideas, Action/Arcade, and other genres), several uncompleted projects, and lots of personal growth, I was born again as a Christian in November 1998.  This affected many things of my life, including stopping game developing, listening to music, watching movies, all kinds of stuff.  I was in a period of deciding what was ok for me to do and what God wanted me to do.

Well, after a year or so, I began development again on games.  This is a gift that God has given me, and I want to use it.  Spreading the Word, and the fun of games, became a new goal.  So in the spirit of that, I changed company names to HWF Games.  This name has a fun history also.  I have loved created interesting words, or picking them up from other places, and adding them to my vocabulary.  Back in the late nineties, I was playing games with friends, and one of them said to me "You have a word for a generic action 'Hoyte', you have a word for a generic thing or person 'Farley', now you just need a generic adjective like 'Wicked', so you could say 'Hoyte Wicked Farley' and it would mean anything that was going on!".  I thought that was hilarious.  So for now I have taken that on as my company name.  It also has kind of a fun other meaning to me, as in, one of my goals it to foil Satan's plans for this world, aka Hoyte Wicked Farley (as in, smite the Devil).

Anyhow, it's all just kind of fun and stuff, but I thought you might want to know a little bit about the history of me and my games.

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