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Updates for 7/16/06
Still going to town on the games and the site, just haven't updated this page in awhile.  Recent updates include a new Games page with most of my games I have created for the PC over the past 12 plus years.  Latest games/apps on the Games page include ScapeEdit3D, which allows people who play the board game HeroScape to design maps virtually before building them physically.  Also new is MidiJam, which allows you to listen to a MIDI of your choice, while watching a virtual band perform it.

I'm looking for a way to move back to Minnesota, if anyone has any telecommuting work, or offices in Minnesota and would like a hard working programmer on their side, please drop me an e-mail.  I also do art, game design, and music/sound work.

Have fun!

Updates for 9/12/03
I'm still here.  Nothing much new on the site, just some changing e-mails and that sort of exciting stuff.  I've been busy the last few months with my move to Chicago and starting work at Incredible Technologies.  It's been cool so far.  Working on arcade games has been a dream of mine.  Games of any kind actually, but arcade games are definetly a unique breed these days.  Hope you all are doing well.

Updates for 5/30/03
updated the 3DSMax page, put the animations on top, and changed some of the wording to let people know the downloads are better than the thumbnails you see on the page

Updates for 5/20/03
Wow, I guess I haven't updated this page in awhile!  I've been interviewing with various companies and trying to decide what to do with the future.  Always a challenge!
updated Bowling Blast to use the new Config.exe launching that I added in PuzzlerGL.  This should work well on all systems.
also updated Ski King 3D, Joy Strategy, Bowling Physics, Bowling Max 3D, and Chess 3D

But, about the website, I just finished up a class in 3DSMax, and have posted a quick portfolio of what I have done in it.  Check it out.

Updates for 4/30/03
updated PuzzlerGL to save your status so when you come back, the puzzle is as you left it, and added another puzzle for a total of 5 now

Updates for 4/29/03
updated ChessViewX so the CFG program would work on all machines (it wasn't showing some of the graphics)

Updates for 4/26/03
updated Bumpkin screenshot, now that I have a DOS screencapper that works, but it doesn't let me use arrow keys to play my game, so I have to keep looking before I can capture for the rest of the games I made in DOS
also updated Bowling Blast with a minor update, fixed the shadow and stuff

Updates for 4/25/03
updated PuzzlerGL with 2 more puzzles and a reworking of the 15 puzzle - still coming, save game, and more puzzles!

Updates for 4/24/03
added the game PuzzlerGL, check it out, have a blast!
updated PuzzlerGL with a config.exe, now everyone should be able to get it configured for their system

Updates for 4/22/03
updated Animal Crossing list (27 furnitures, 14 carpets, 9 wallpapers, 3 stationaries, 23 clothing, 14 gyroids (completed), 14 songs,
                                                    1 fossil (completed), 1 insect, 3 fish)
updated Bowling Blast - new ball graphics, music volume, all kinds of exciting stuff

Updates for 4/13/03
updated Bowling Blast again with some more bug fixes and Readme additions
updated all games on the site to include the link to this new site

Updates for 4/13/03
updated Bowling Blast - contains music from various Minnesota artists, better high score usage, bug fixes, and other fun stuff

Updates for 4/1/03
changed the order of the News page so that updates go in most recent at the top order
updated Animal Crossing list

Updates for 3/30/03
updated Bowling Blast (now has ball selection and a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks)
updated Bowling Max 3D (added Readme and Config and did some code cleanup)
updated Bowling Max (added Readme)
updated Pac Munch (added Readme)
updated Joy Strat 2D (updated Readme)
updated Music Fest (updated Readme)
updated Joy Strategy (added Readme and Config and did some code cleanup)
updated Bowling Physics (added Readme and Config)
updated Yachoo (mouse control re-written, Readme and Config added)
updated Ski King 3D (new Readme and Config and some code cleanup)

Updates for 3/29/03
updated Animal Crossing checklist (11 furnitures, got Cabin Rug to show up, 2 wallpapers, 2 items, 3 stationaries, 30 gyroids, 2 songs)
an update for Bowling Blast is coming soon, with some exciting new features, and lots of bug fixes

Updates for 3/24/03
updated Bowling Blast with new menu fixes, new icon, updated TXT file, and fix for blanking textures after using shift to look at oil pattern
updated Chess3D with new TXT file, new icon, CFG app, minor code optimizations
updated Animal Crossing checklist (8 furnitures, 2 carpets, 1 wallpaper, 6 items, 1 stationary, 3 clothing, 33 gyroids, 2 songs)
updated Bumpkin, ChessViewX, Pins, and GoCarts to include readmes, and cleaned up some duplicate files in Bumpkin
added this page

Contact me: Scott Haag

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